Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chaiyo Seafood (ไชโยซฟด)

Chaiyo Seafood is a local seafood restaurant near our home adjacent to the klong and is certainly a place to visit. In face it is usually quite busy with Thai people which is already a good sign.

There is a floating platform adjacent to the main restaurant and has a number of places to choose your fresh food OR there are the more common 'tanks'.

We always have oysters when we visit and they are always worth having.

The pleasure that I have is all of the added details to it - wonderful.

Then it still has the best bua tod in Phuket.

The som tam was also a pleasure - we certainly has a great selection this evening.

Finishing with these small fish (deep fried) and lemon grass - superb, no able to eat the all of the fish though...

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Website: - but not working 2014
Phone Number: 076 393 101
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: Bor Rae-Khao Kad Rd (on the road to / from Ao Yon).
Hours: 10:30 - 23:00

Monday, March 27, 2017

Phuket Restaurants - Dim Sum

Koo Kwan

จ่วนเฮี้ยง สาขา2

โชคชยตมซำ - Chockchoi


ตมซำนงสด ติ่มซำ - Mala Dim Sum

บุญรัตน์(ติ่มซำ) - Boon Rat 

ราชรส ตมซำ

After living in Phuket for 16 years we moved to Bangkok 
- here are some Dim Sum restaurants that we visited whilst we were in Phuket.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Patio Al Fresco @ Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort

Patio Al Fresco was part of the Crowne Plaza last time we visited and it was only called Patio. This time we chose this time to go for a special occasion - it was a special birthday and restaurant part of Panwa Beachfront Resort.

We had a wonderful view... 

We chose to have the starters (and a bottle of wine) close to the sand and it was a lovely position. The starter was the selection above and it was very nice but I really think that they should remove the stones from the olives - it was expensive.

Then there was another state - the beetroot and gnocchi chess - this was delicious.

Then there was another bottle of wine and we moved towards the inside - and the main courses began to arrive. The grilled lamb was the special of the week - very nice but I do wonder whether it was what is described as lamb in the UK?

The steak was better...

Followed by a selection of cheeses...

and then a coffee.

Thank you very much for a lovely evening - and the mosquito spray.

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Phone Number: 076 302 900
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 8/88 Moo 7, Sakdidech Rd, Vichit Sub-District, Phuket 83000
Hours: 11:00 - 21:00

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wine Connection (Central Festival)

this was outside the day we went...
Wine Connection is on the first floor of an ever expanding shopping mall - Central FestivalThere is quite an extensive Western menu for us you to choose from. I am not sure if there is any Thai food available...

There is a wonderful selection of different cheeses - we usually choose a cheese board.

Our daughter usually has the pizza and there is a very big selection of them! There is a selection of salads but they are not something that we usually have.

Then there is the meat selection...

We always have a creme brulle

and then a cappuccino (these are strong)

but with a cake they are wonderful...

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 2) October 2011 
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 4) May 2011 


Phone Number:  076 307 064
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Central Festival 
Hours: 11:00 - 23:00

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ร้านแก้วใจ Food & Bakery - Kaewjai

Kaewjai is a food and bakery which is a popular place that we like to visit in the morning for a late breakfast. After all it does have the best Sakoo Sia Mai in Phuket. I have to add that it is always busy with the local people - looking like some regulars in before school and then lunchtime for the local office staff. So I simply had to have some of them whilst they were making our breakfast.

The food was very quick and also very tasty - so much so that we ordered another dish to share!

We did have to have a piece of chocolate cake as well...

I did find a Facebook for Kaewjai but not a lot more - Jamie does have a review though in 2009...

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Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Phuket Town adjacent to Royal Phuket City Hotel.
Hours: 6 am - 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Phuket Restaurants - the best foods

Best Som Tam

Bua Tod (ไชโยซฟด)

Bubble Tea


Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha



Deep Fried Pork (ซินซิน บะหมี่เบตง)

Dim Sum

Hairy Beans (Sno Peas)

Japanese set

Pea and Ham soup

Sakoo Sai Mai


Tau Sar Piah


Thai Iced Tea

Traditional Roti

Yam Pla Dook Fu 

After living in Phuket for 16 years we moved to Bangkok 
- here is a list of where we found the best dishes whilst we were in Phuket.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tom n Tom coffee

Tom n Tom coffee was a place I visited whilst my family were shopping in Limelight.

A bit of fun here was the waiting toy which buzzed when your order was ready.

There was not much more to add here - it was quite ordinary. It was only on reading that it is actually a popular Korean coffee company.

Sitting on the balcony outside and watching the world go past was great - until it got too hot and I moved into the air-conditioning.

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Limelight, Tambon Talat Yai, Phuket Town


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Laem Panwa

Laem Panwa is a local style Thai restaurant in the village in front of Kantary Bay, Phuket and next to the Cafe Kantary.

It is a very simple restaurant selling simple Thai dishes at a simple price.

The dishes are prepare in a kitchen not far away and in front there is a ice tray with a selection of fresh fish, crabs, more and prawns for you to choose from.

Today we were have a simple selection and I cannot recall what we had - but we enjoyed it...

And finishing with fresh fruit

Phone Number: 076 391 123
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 27/2 Moo 8, Sakdidej Rd, Cape Panwa, Phuket 83000
Hours: 18:30 - 23:00

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Parlai seafood

Parlai is a seafood restaurant which is certainly not a glamouros place to look at - in fact it sometimes looks like it do with a good clean..

However, like the best Som Tum in Phuket the food is what you are there for and it is a place that Thai people like to visit which is always a good sign. Then the menu always helps - it is not a plush menu - which also means that they have not spent their money on something else.

Paralai is in a great position - I would also visit the Rawai fresh food market on the other side of the pier and we also like to visit Nikita's Italian adjacent to the water's edge.

We just ordered more and more food and each one was as good as the last one - thank you for the food and the service we received.

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Phone Number: 076 281 174 
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 32 ซ.ป่าหล่าย Soi Palai, Chalong
Hours: 9:00 - 22:00


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