Monday, September 30, 2013

The Panwa Beach Resort

We live near here so whilst there was a friend staying there we took up the invitation for dinner - thank you Claude - see pic (and breakfast on another day).

The Panwa Beach Resort is a hotel situated in South Phuket and is situated next to the beach which makes it very convenient for beach lovers.

We started at their bar where I had a Pina Colada and because they were so good I had another one! Cheun was also enjoying a cocktail.

Jemma was downloading 'Ben the Tractor' on the free Internet.

The dinner was ordered and we moved into the adjacent restaurant where we had a mixture of Thai dishes and of European dishes - I love it when you can simply share the food in the middle of the table - but I cannot recall what we had but it certainly does look yummy!

Then came the Creme Brullee and the top cracked beautifully...

Then the time came for the lovely coffee ...

Then it was time to go home - thanks Claude, see you next time you are in Phuket.

Now that The Beach Bar is closed for Low Season we might make another visit!


Email:  n/a
Phone Number:  076 200 334
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 5/3 Moo 8, Ao Yon Bay, Tambol Wichat, Phuket
Hours:  10:00 - 21:00

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baan-Kanom (บ้านขนม)

We like to try new places and if I recall correctly Jemma had been playing in the sand and the sea previously so this was a definite stop for her because I knew that it had an International menu.

The place was generally wooden and air-conditioned, there was a place outside if you wanted to smoke.

The food was generally International but there were a handful of Thai dishes as well - we went for International and salads and we were happy with everything - Jemma even finished her plate which means that it was very edible (or she was 'starving').

We had pizza, 

deep fried prawns 

deep fried chicken and chips

then a cake and a freshly made fruit-drink.

Good value and comfortable for something quick to eat - we left happy.

Website: n/a
Email:  n/a
Phone Number:  n/a
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: North of Chalong Circle, East side
Hours:  9:00 - 22:00

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This was certainly an interesting find! Chuen had been told by her colleagues that there was a new Japanese Restaurant in Phuket Town that was definitely worth having a look - Jemma was at a birthday party so we visited!

Well this was not an easy place to find! Near to Bang Neow Shrine and almost opposite Keng Tin Thai Kanom Shop - not an easy place to find to park either.

I was immediately apprehensive when we walked in - the place was tiny and there were only about 5 tables in all. There was a grill outside and we only just managed to squeeze in...

After being seated for a while we ordered but this did not quell my worry - I was surprised the food was very good thank you very much. The salmon slices were immaculate and tasty - there just was not enough and we had to order more immediately.

The salads were a little normal (or our expectations were raised too high). The small side pieces (traditional in Japanese food) were exquisite - wonderful and I certainly wanted more of these pieces as well!

Well there was just not enough of anything...

The restaurant and staff were very helpful but I guess that it was too popular for it function smoothly as we were left with empty plates and our green tea was not replenished.

Very good but just not organised... yet...


Website: n/a
Email:  n/a
Phone Number: 080 142 7234 
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: Phuket Road
Hours:  17:00 - 22:00

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

ตำแหลก - 'Tam Lek'

One of the joys of being married to a wonderful Thai woman and having a daughter is that we try any restaurant anywhere. This was a restaurant recommended to Chuen by one of her colleagues at work.

This was a beautiful find but I do not know how you would stop here if you did not know about this before you came - I certainly would not have tried it - but then I remember finding the best Som Tam restaurant in Phuket Nong Sow the same way.

The Yum Pla Dook Foo was wonderful (Deep Fried Catfish Salad) - and it was so crisp and still hot I could imagine that the cook had just taken off the cook! 

Then the Green Mango Salad was also fresh - super - but i have to admit to being a bit of a wimp with the black crab.

Then came the chicken - my daughter and i loved this and happily ate it between ourselves - of course with the necessary sticky rice!

I know that there were other dishes that Chuen ate but I do not recall what they were - but they were also eaten swiftly! We sat in our own little Traditional platform for lunch and we knocked on the bamboo stick to attract their attention - which was very good - and the cost was small.

Worth a visit!

Note: I imagine that we arrived early for lunch and we were there only customers when we arrived but there was a constant stream of Thai people whilst we ate - always a good sign that it is Thai food prepared the way that it should be!


Website: n/a
Email: n/a
Phone Number: 
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: Chao Fa East Rd, Phuket 83000
Hours: 10:00 - ?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lemongrass - currently closed

After a night in Phuket Town at the Por Tor Festival and Parade we visited the Phuket Indy Market.

There seems to be the idea that Lemongrass Restaurant will be at the front - but what are they building at the back - it is certainly big?