Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mungkorn Seafood 3

Mungkorn Seafood 3 is a local restaurant and it serves the most wonderful array of seafood. 

The hardest thing about coming here is that you have to cook the food yourself. There is an enormous selection of seafood to choose from and you must first prepare the table burner.

Then what do you want to eat - go and get it.

It's that simple - but expect to make a real mess though - not a first date dinner!

There was some meat as well - cooked elsewhere and very tasty.

Then there was ice-cream to finish with.  Soft drinks were included but you needed to pay for the beers but it was certainly worth it...

Then I read on-line that there was a limit to the time, 499 Baht, you had to pay extra per minute and that the seafood was not fresh enough....

Phone Number: 096 998 4162
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 58 / 37 Ramkamhaeng 127 Alley
Hours: 5pm - 11pm


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