Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mamiya in Tesco.......

There is a Japanese restaurant in Tesco's where you cook your food 'Sukiyaki' in front of you in a pot of boiling water. We chose the high quality meat and waited with anticipation.

"Not up to much" was my comment to my beautiful wife Chuen -
"uninteresting and a hassle to cook". She loved it!

Well this restaurant was not going to be an interesting review - THEN it got worse.......

After a night of diarrhea that did not subside a visit to Phuket International Hospital was called for. Here I was taken into the side room and put on a standard drip with antibiotics. I had food poisoning - 10 hours on the drips and then I was allowed out. With another day in bed and and a number of drugs.....

I related this story to my friend Ling Yai of John Gray Sea Canoe and he told me that he had never stepped into a Japanese restaurant because of the Japanese approach to Whaling - I scoffed and then I found out.

Click here if you would like to know more or simply sign the petition.
Then CNN broadcast this

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tung Ka Cafe (ทุ่งคา-กาแฟ) - Rang Hill

A glorious position in Phuket Town - just North of the center and high above.

The Thai food is for Thai people and is freshly prepared and you are surrounded by trees and you have a wonderful view.  Then you have a plethora of different coffees to choose from - I do have a weakness for 'funny' / speciality coffees.

Certainly a place to visit - even if it is just for a coffee.

Note: in my search for a map I found a website devoted to urinals?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Laem Hin Seafood - mainland

I have visited this restaurant on a number of occasions.  It is worth making the effort to find it for the experience – please let me explain.

Laem Hin seafood is on the North East coast of Phuket.  It serves traditional Thai food – don’t expect the staff to speak English and the menus to be in English.

You are able to get a long tailed boat to the restaurant because some of them are floating – they should be investigated.

The food is traditional Thai - have the meang kam. The restaurant is reasonable BUT the experience of eating there is better.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cloud 19

UPDATE - Have the Tuna Steak - as close to perfection........

We had heard a lot about Cloud 19 ‘just down the road’ from us and on Chuen’s birthday we decided to visit.

Jemma and I started off with a little swim whilst Chuen perused the menu and ordered some cocktails and some Thai style beef – both beautiful.

We ordered some main courses, some more drinks and we dried off.

We had a lobster dish, tuna steak (rare) and fish and chips for our little girl.  

The lobster dish was pleasant but my wife’s tuna steak was mind blowing - superb. The steak was immaculate.

Finished with coffees and an ice cream – a special dinner for a special family 
– thank you to you all.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baba - Sri Panwa

Baba Restaurant is the South of Phuket Island - not far from where I work.  The view is beautiful during the late afternoon - I would love to be able to nip up for a cocktail at this time but I do have to work.....

I took the tuk-tuk up the hill in the evening and took a seat in the outside restaurant.  The seat is on the edge with a view over the water.  The way to get to the seating was on pavement weaving through water - a lovely idea but I am glad that I did not have too much to drink.

The menu was extensive, the cocktails were lovely and the starters were tasty. But 2 of main courses were average quality (green curry and massaman curry). The pizza was good though, something to do with Gordon Ramsey?

The puddings were also average and the coffee very plain.  The food was okay but the prices were very expensive and I expected better quality food for the price that was paid.