Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Food Mall Bangkapi

The Food Mall at Bangkapi is on the lowest floor in the shopping mall - if you come in the front you go down the escalator and if you come in off the river taxi it is the floor that you come in on.

Like many food malls in Thailand there is a lot of choices of food and what seems to an impossible selection of dishes to choose from - I have now given up walking round and ask my wife to choose something for me.

Buy a coupon (big bit of plastic) at the entrance to the food mall and then get a tray - then take the piece of plastic around the food mall choosing the dishes which look appealing to you the most.

This can be done a little carefully as you do not want the plastic money to run out - so put 100 - 200 Baht on the plastic and DO NOT forget to get the money  left over when you leave.

Phone Number: 02 173 1000
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 3522 อาคาร เดอะมอลล์บางกะปิ Lat Phrao Rd
Hours: 10:30am - 10pm



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