Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fried curly potatoes?

These funny looking things are really potatoes put into a screw and unwound.


Until I found that they are sprinkled with MSG 
- they were really delicious.

I had these at the market at Sapan Hin.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Phuket's Best restaurants and bars...

This recommendation is from BK - knows Bangkok.

This is their list of Phuket Restaurants and Bars. Out of their selection we have only been to one of them - more to visit...

1) Mee Ton Poe in Phuket Town 
2) Kang Eang@Pier in Chalong 
3) Lim's in Rawai
4) Phuket 346 in Phuket Town

5) Seduction in Patong (Bangla Rd)
6) Surin Beach - Stereo Lab and Catch Beach Club
7) Yaowarat Rd in Phuket Town - Ploenchit and Sanaeha

This is my list

1) Kan Eang@Pier in Chalong 
2) Lemongrass in Phuket Town 
3) Top of the Reef in Cape Panwa 
4) Suay in Phuket Town 
5) Zen in Phuket Town (Central Festival

6) Russell's Sunset Bar in Cape Panwa
7) Siam Indigo in Phuket Town 

 - there are lots of other places...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A local restaurant in Borae

This is a very local Thai restaurant outside Phuket Town, going towards the South.

click here for the location

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nikitas - the best Pizza in Phuket

Well my daughter Jemma thinks that the pizza's are delicious here and
 I don't mind sharing one with her.

We are regular visitors.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live India

Indian food is not a food that I eat so I have asked Helen, a friend of mine who lives in Phuket to tell you about it and take some photographs.

Set in Panwa Bay near the Aquarium, just on the hill up to Cape Panwa. Always a warm welcome from Anita and Abi (Avi?). We are regulars so they know exactly what we like and what we don't. This time Anita had even tracked me down some mango chutney as they don't usually serve it and I have been known to take my own!
The new decor makes it look like one restaurant now instead of the 2 shops knocked into one (which it was). Apparently they are waiting for some Indian paintings or artifacts to put on the wall next time one of them goes to India.

The food as always is excellent. The quality is always consistant and the flavour is a genuine Indian, not a British Indian like you'd find in any supermarket back in the UK. We had chicken Vindaloo (a change from Madras or Bhuna which are the 2 other favourites) for 180 bht, Malai Kofta (180), the very best freshly cooked and piping hot Peswari Naan and chapati's ever, rice, beer. 

More than you can eat for under 600bht- excellent value and freshly cooked. Relax and be prepared to wait if it is busy, they do it all themselves on what is probably one jet! Worth it though.
The other nice thing I notice is that the staff aren't pushy, they let the customers stand and look at the menu without rushing to drag them in off the street like a lot of touristy restaraunts do.
All in all, 10/10 for quality of food, 10/10 for value, 10/10 for service (unless you are an impatient person who would prefer microwave food!).

Thanks Helen - if you need me to make you some mango chutney then please ask me and I will make you some x

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nang Yaang OR Sit and Burn

This was a restaurant which sprang up on the corner of the road which takes us to Phuket Town. This is a Thai restaurant but with the style of the Korean and the Japanese.

There is a hole in the where burning coals are put and then the 'hot plate' is placed on top. You are then given a plethora of different dishes and you take the fat and melt it on the hot plate.

There were lots of different cuts of meat to cook and an assortment of different vegetables, certainly a different way to have dinner.

My tip: Be careful and don't move the food too soon though...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tung Ka Cafe (ทุ่งคา-กาแฟ) - coffee

I have previously posted that the food is good at Tunka Cafe and the restaurant itself is in a good location.

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But what is always good is the coffee...

Not sure exactly what it is made of though...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top of the Reef another visit

I enjoy Top of the Reef at Cape Panwa Hotel so I do not go often - once a month because I would not want to abuse it and forget how good it really is.

The gratinated green asparagus and scallops with Hollandaise sauce was good.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cape Panwa promenade

Early each evening there are a number of street sellers with a 
big selection of local foods for you to taste.

The roti is good and my daughter loves the satay 
and if you are lucky there is some sticky rice.

Then pop into Russell's Sunset Bar for a cool beer and watch the world go round.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Khao Rang Breeze

A newer restaurant on Rang Hill in Phuket Town, joining Tunka restaurant, a popular choice for me.

The view was very good but the food was not as good and the service was ordinary.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farang 2nd visit

I visited here because I like it - Western pasta with pepperoni but also very Thai spices.

Always delicious - good cakes as well.

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