Thursday, July 3, 2014

After Beach Bar

After Beach Bar is a place which is in the hills above Kata and Karon - follow a twisting, turning road and you will hear reggae music as you approach - this is it!

If you have been reading blogs and visiting Phuket then this destination is something of a 'Historical Monument' - it has been here ever since, well as far as I can remember.

So when we managed to park the car - if you are on bikes or in a taxi this is much easier we wandered in to grab a seat. 

The beer was served very cold and as we watched the sun begin to set I lost my appetite completely and cold beers were enough for me.

There was a newer bar next door (North) and a newer building past that - but the After Beach Bar decided to extend their deck the furthest and the other bars / restaurants have not yet responded (Baan Chom View and Small Viewpoint). Jamie's Phuket blog has some great pictures of them from here.

We did order some food - just nibbles - som tam and grilled squid - both of them were lovely - I was impressed because these are dishes which are really quite simple but are sometimes not always the best. I even found a review from Lonely Planet.

There is a lot of seating and on following visits we have been surprised by the amount of people that do make their way up here to have a few drinks....

Hint: Check the time of sunset and be there approximately 30 minutes before this to try to ensure you get a seat in the front

Phone Number: 081 894 3750
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Above Kata Beach
Hours: 11am - midnight

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