Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bake (Wat Chalong)

Bake at Wat Chalong is a popular place for us to visit because it is close to Wat Chalong and it serves wonderful Coffee and Cakes! 

The setting is white and orange and very well kept. The decor reflects the consistency that I enjoy when I visit the same coffee shop again - I know what it will be like. I wonder if this is why Starbucks has become so popular?

The coffee is immaculately served and is smooth, needing no suger at all - this is just how I like it. 

Then there are the cakes - wow - we could not ask for much more - delicious...

Then the free Wi-FI... I could not ask for anything more - we will return...

Phone Number: 076 381 461
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: opposite Wat Chalong
Hours: 8am - 10pm


Saturday, February 14, 2015

รานสมตำเมองคอน สะพานหน

รานสมตำเมองคอน สะพานหน is a restaurant that we choose to go to in Sapan Hin. At the current time Sapan Hin is a place which is predominantly used by the local Thai people and I cannot list how many times we have visited for I don't know how many different 

The best reason for visiting รานสมตำเมองคอน สะพานหน is their Yam Pla Dook Fu (Thai catfish Salad) - the best in Phuket.

The restaurant itself serves you in the Traditional Thai way of sitting around a low table but there is also the opportunity to sit on a chair - we choose the traditional way.

As mentioned we always have the Catfish Salad so I could not tell you what else we have but it is all extremely cheap. It does taste good with a Singha...

Don't forget to visit the Chinese Shrine near by - Kiew Tian Keng


We have visited previously:

 1) March 2013 
 2) March 2014
 3) July 2014  

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Sapan Hin (see the map)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kong Kang (Crystal Wild Resort)

Kong Kang is a restaurant in the new hotel which was opened only a month ago - Crystal Wild ResortThe restaurant was very quiet (there was only one other table) which meant that there was very little atmosphere.

The menu was large enough for all of us, well there was a pizza for our daughter so that got the thumbs up. But like many other restaurants in Phuket the pizza was made from pre-packaged base and was inadequately defrosted and then cooked - the restaurant needs to be busy though. Re-cooked it passed my daughter's examination.

The Thai food was very nicely presented.

Then the rest of the dishes  matched the first ones. 

The chicken in pandanus leaves was very nice but a little oily - never mind for me and he mess that I made.

Not sure about the coffee - I think that the restaurant needs to be opened regularly a while before the quality of the coffee. We will go back though - good luck

Phone Number:  076 315 293
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 39//65 Ao Yon-Khao Khad Road
Hours: 6pm - 11pm (dinner)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ร้านแก้วใจ Food & Bakery - Kaewjai

ร้านแก้วใจ Food Bakery is somewhere which is certainly a popular breakfast spot.

This is a small place to sit and the time spent there in the morning is not a casual place but the turnover is rather quick BUT the food is great (I am told by my wife) but I can vouch for the breakfast congee though!

I love to go there for the Sakoo Sai Moo - the best in a restaurant which I have entered in Phuket anyway. It is normally a dish which I see on the street but here is a recipe for it.

There are a number of other pastry dishes to choose from but I have not chosen them and have always stuck with the Thai dishes.

There is brown rice here as well, it is a choice which I do not see often in Phuket - yet.

 Here Kaewjai is on PlaceKnow.

Phone Number:  
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Phuket Town adjacent to Royal Phuket City Hotel.
Hours: 6 am -

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


ร้านนายเหมือง seems to be a 'Hangout' for people who are younger than me.

I suppose the Spiderman at the front crouching in front of the old car should have given it away.

Then the girls serving me with the short shorts on.

Then the football screen..

Then the girls with the bunny rabbit head band ears pouring shots....

The food was okay but it is more of a drinks and nibbles place than a restaurant but the Tom Yam soup was good and the Sushi rolls were better than expected. But there was supposed to be WiFi but my phone could not find it?

Looking at Foursquare it is registered as a 'Whisky Bar'.


no more information to add...

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Starbucks - I know so many people sigh but i don't care, okay it is more expensive...

This time there was a promotion on the receipt....

and the coffee was exactly the same :)

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