Friday, December 29, 2017

สะเลเต สาขา 4

สะเลเต สาขา 4 is sometimes referred to as a Som Tam (ส้มตำ) shop - green papaya salad.  Which means that you are able to purchase a great variety of that very special dish which is immensely popular in Thailand and as a visit. But the plethora of choices meant that I had to ask for two types - a simple one for me and a classic Thai one for the family - this one had the salted / preserved crab.

The other dishes were also popular with the Thai family - some great photographs on Foursquare by visitors.

This meant that I got my own mango and sticky rice...

Phone Number: 02 729 6352
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: สุขาภิบาล 3 (ถนนรามคําเเหง), Saphan Sung 
Hours: 5pm - 11pm

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