Wednesday, December 31, 2014


ร้านนายเหมือง seems to be a 'Hangout' for people who are younger than me.

I suppose the Spiderman at the front crouching in front of the old car should have given it away.

Then the girls serving me with the short shorts on.

Then the football screen..

Then the girls with the bunny rabbit head band ears pouring shots....

The food was okay but it is more of a drinks and nibbles place than a restaurant but the Tom Yam soup was good and the Sushi rolls were better than expected. But there was supposed to be WiFi but my phone could not find it?

Looking at Foursquare it is registered as a 'Whisky Bar'.


no more information to add...

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Starbucks - I know so many people sigh but i don't care, okay it is more expensive...

This time there was a promotion on the receipt....

and the coffee was exactly the same :)

Previous recorded visits
 3) 2011 
 4) Tops 2011   

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Z-tekka Cafe

Z-tekka Cafe is an interesting place to visit because it is there for the local Thai people to visit.

The coffee is very strong and it was very sweet!

The walls are adorned with photographs of Phuket Old Town and there is the opportunity to be some local foods. I did feel a little uncomfortable being the only Westerner in there but it was great for people watching.

Worth another visit - fascinating history.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sweets 'n Treats Coffee

Sweets 'n Treats Coffee seems to be a relatively new coffee shop - seems to have been opened approximately a year. It looks like it is a family business, it is small, approximately 4 tables at the front and 4 inside.

The feeling is quite serene and I first visited here after I had finished my walk

The air conditioning was a welcome to a hot person - the iced coffee was a wonder it hit the right spot!

So much so that I stayed a little longer - I wondered about the cakes (because their Iced Coffee was not sweet) but thought that I should not.

The decoration was (to me) very English the metal Kit Kat box was what first caught my eye.

Then the Yorkshire breakfast tea.

Then the Twinnings.

Fantastic location and will be back again.

I do wish that they had been proper doilies though...

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thai Fried Bananas (Kluay Khaek, Kluay Tod กล้วยแขก, กล้วยทอด)

Deep fried banana is a must that you must eat when you visit Thailand. Okay it might not not be the healthiest dish but it does taste great! There has been little variation in the times that I have had it - although it does taste good with ice-cream or a heavy serving of creamed sugar.

All of the times that I have seen it made the slices of banana are first dipped into a batter, sometimes containing desiccated coconut.

Then the bananas are put into a bowl of bubbling oils.

The cooking bananas are continually turned and moved about - to ensure they do not stick. Sometimes the cooking bananas are then removed and then sesame seeds are scattered over them, dipped back in the oil and then set aside. So where to get them in Phuket? The best places are the Traditional Market areas...