Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well you have to enter in.  Starbucks are World renown for their coffees.

After sampling this Cafe Latte I knew why - perfect but more expensive, this is what you pay for. This was purchased from the branch at the front of Central Festival near Phuket Town but I would imagine that all the branches are very similar...

Then the Tops supermarket was selling take away frappucinos at a very different price?
Competition or did i not look at the 'best consumed before' ?


  1. Does Starbuck's have free WiFi? Where do you go to find free WiFi in Phuket Town?

  2. Hi Georgeanna - Starbucks has a prepayment card system (it may change) but on this up to date list it is NOT free (http://www.windowonlifestyle.com/wifi.htm) - my fav coffee shop is Circle Coffee Boutique (http://timinphuket-restaurants.blogspot.com/2011/07/circle-coffee-boutique.html) or if you want in an air-conditioned shopping mall - Central - La Dolce Vitae.