Sunday, November 22, 2009

Panwa Garden Spa

The Panwa Garden Spa is just a stone's throw from our house and a pleasant escape for us all.

Until they decide to improve the restaurant food and finish digging the pool!

The noise was unbearable and the food was much the same.  The lemon sodas were returned and the food was not made with fresh ingredients.

We will wait until the changes have stopped before we return.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Azur - Mediterranean Cuisine

"Mediterranean cuisine is not dominated by a single society - the Mediterranean is the point of intersection between Asia, Europe and Africa . Traders exchanged cultural commodities like spices, herbs and vegetables, resulting in the wide dissemination of certain ingredients throughout the cuisines of these disparate peoples."

The Azur Restaurant is located a the Radisson Hotel at Cape Panwa. It was certainly different cuisine that I had become so used to after living in Phuket for 9 years.  I ravenously ate through the Mezzes and Tapas - lovely but I could not remember what I was comparing it to?  

I had not have had these dishes for more than 3 years. Would I eat them if I was on holiday?