Sunday, November 22, 2009

Panwa Garden Spa

The Panwa Garden Spa is just a stone's throw from our house and a pleasant escape for us all.

Until they decide to improve the restaurant food and finish digging the pool!

The noise was unbearable and the food was much the same.  The lemon sodas were returned and the food was not made with fresh ingredients.

We will wait until the changes have stopped before we return.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Azur - Mediterranean Cuisine

"Mediterranean cuisine is not dominated by a single society - the Mediterranean is the point of intersection between Asia, Europe and Africa . Traders exchanged cultural commodities like spices, herbs and vegetables, resulting in the wide dissemination of certain ingredients throughout the cuisines of these disparate peoples."

The Azur Restaurant is located a the Radisson Hotel at Cape Panwa. It was certainly different cuisine that I had become so used to after living in Phuket for 9 years.  I ravenously ate through the Mezzes and Tapas - lovely but I could not remember what I was comparing it to?  

I had not have had these dishes for more than 3 years. Would I eat them if I was on holiday?  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zen in Central Festival (closed)

What can i say about Zen's Japanese Restaurant - the restaurant that we have a card for and are always claiming on the card?

Lovely Japanese food and quality service. Choose from the set menus rather than the a la carte menu because it is easier! The a la carte menu is enormous and then there are even more to choose from after that.

I usually have a fish set and order extra gyosas (sp?).

You can drink copious amounts of green tea and the miso soup is to die for - sometimes a little salty but i think that that is more to do with the time that you enter. We have Jemma with us who is 2 years old and they always give her a clever set of chop sticks with an elastic band.

Then we finish with a Swensen's ice cream - seriously good finish, better than the fruit pieces.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thai restaurant coming soon - near me

There is a restaurant near to where we lived in Borae again - hurrah!! Next to the Panwa Garden & Spa and within walking distance - they are opening soon - watch this space for a new report.

This is also close to the Mang Moom Bungalows - a lovely cup of coffee in various styles.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Central Food Mall

On the top floor of Central Department Store is an air-conditioned restaurant where you can purchase a multitude of different dishes. It is on the very top floor and there is an entrance near to the cinema and to the Kodak film shop.

The way to purchase your dishes may not be immediately obvious but it soon makes sense.

1) Purchase a credit card from the cashiers at the entrance - 500 Baht will be plenty.

2) When you purchase an item give the card to the cook and they will swipe it and debit money from the card.

3) When you leave simply return the card to the cashier and any money back will be returned to you.

There is a plethora of choices of Thai dishes for you to have and it is worth walking up and down to have a look at them. There are some Western dishes but I have never chosen one.

In the middle of the auditorium there are stands which have a very large selection of drinks for you to choose from; my favourite being the coconut ice - but be careful not to grip the plastic beakers too hard - they spill and make a mess.

Knifes and forks are available around the seating area - simply dip them in the hot water to clean them?

A convenient place to have something to eat but not to everybody's taste - in more ways than one!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Natural restaurant in Phuket Town

We walked through the market and the backstreets of Phuket and came to
Thamachad (Natural) – a quite exquisite restaurant serving authentic Thai food.

The surroundings are a delight and the food matches it - a delight for everyone. Not only is the food special but so are it’s surroundings – the tables have Sewing Machine legs, there is a PC with a fish tank in it, there are some 45’s on the wall and more.

The menu is extensive with both Thai and some Western dishes but I have to admit to always choosing the Thai. BUT they have an extensive ice cream menu for afterwards so make sure that you leave some room!