Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zen in Central Festival (closed)

What can i say about Zen's Japanese Restaurant - the restaurant that we have a card for and are always claiming on the card?

Lovely Japanese food and quality service. Choose from the set menus rather than the a la carte menu because it is easier! The a la carte menu is enormous and then there are even more to choose from after that.

I usually have a fish set and order extra gyosas (sp?).

You can drink copious amounts of green tea and the miso soup is to die for - sometimes a little salty but i think that that is more to do with the time that you enter. We have Jemma with us who is 2 years old and they always give her a clever set of chop sticks with an elastic band.

Then we finish with a Swensen's ice cream - seriously good finish, better than the fruit pieces.