Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baan Saan Rak

This is a local Thai restaurant very close to our home in Borae.  The food is authentic Thai and the only tourists we have ever seen at this restaurant were there on Valentines Day.

Lemongrass and deep fried fish was lovely.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cloud 19 - Lianappa - another visit

Cloud 19 is a small boutique hotel with a restaurant called Lianapa. This is a property which we have not fully explored - there is also a spa...

But the food is special.

There is a choice of a Thai menu and a Western menu and I do have a choice for the THai because there are dishes which are not strictly Thai - more of a 'hint of'.

Worth a visit if you are at the Cape Panwa end of Phuket - even if you only visit for a cocktail and then visit the local restaurant on the sand - 'On the Beach'.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Suay Restaurant - another visit

Suay Restaurant is a special find near to the centre of Old Phuket Town and not far from the local bus stop.  This is a necessity to visit - it is also included as a place to stop on the Phuket Heritage Trail - another necessary thing to do if you visit Phuket.

Now the food.

The food is a gentle balance of Thai food and it's spicy flavour and foods not normally associated with Thai foods.  AND the balance is superb - from the fruit shakes to the apple salad with crispy fried cat fish cigar.  There are a number of other dishes which you can choose from but all of them are delicately presented and are a pleasure to look at AND eat.

Here's the menu

Then the building is a small wooden bungalow with wooden chairs around it - inside is also carefully decorated - everything is thought out AND there is free wifi.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blue Cup Coffee - Phuket International Hospital

There is an S'n'P shop in the Phuket International Hospital so when I do have to visit we always buy a loaf of bread in there... but there is also a Blue Cup Coffee Shop inside the S'n'P.

The coffee is reasonable and does have a good flavour BUT the cups are obviously not ceramic or served with a handle / cover and this does detract form the pleasure - but you are in a hospital?

But F.Y.I the best hospital for their coffee is Bangkok Phuket International.