Friday, April 6, 2012

Suay Restaurant - another visit

Suay Restaurant is a special find near to the centre of Old Phuket Town and not far from the local bus stop.  This is a necessity to visit - it is also included as a place to stop on the Phuket Heritage Trail - another necessary thing to do if you visit Phuket.

Now the food.

The food is a gentle balance of Thai food and it's spicy flavour and foods not normally associated with Thai foods.  AND the balance is superb - from the fruit shakes to the apple salad with crispy fried cat fish cigar.  There are a number of other dishes which you can choose from but all of them are delicately presented and are a pleasure to look at AND eat.

Here's the menu

Then the building is a small wooden bungalow with wooden chairs around it - inside is also carefully decorated - everything is thought out AND there is free wifi.