Friday, March 21, 2014

Closed restaurants and Closed coffee shops

Relax Coffee Shop
After another set of emails that the restaurant that the reader has visited because of a review I looked more carefully at places that I had been and arranged all the closed ones together.

Lemongrass Restaurant - rebuilding the area
Cafelicious - not my choice for coffee

Farang - I am surprised
Nang-Yaang - moved?
Mang Moom - building Mangrove Hotel
Au Bon Pain - Central re-development
Mamiya - i did not vist here more than once.

Gallery Cafe - moved
Santana - closed
Black Canyon - Tesco re-development
Siam Indigo - changed hands

Coffee Ice - new restaurant
Panwa Garden Spa - changed hands

Thai Naan has been knocked down

7th June

Sawasdee is closed for renovation

The Beach Bar is closed for low season 

La Romantica Pizzeria is closed

- more things will change...

20th July 2013

Point Bistro is closed 

20th June 2015

My Cafe - Coffee and Deserts is closed

17th October 2016

Sac's Bakery (best Strawberry Jam) is now a Spa & Massage

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gallery Cafe (closed)

Gallery Cafe by Pinky is a coffee shop which I visited purely because of the high rating (1st) that it received on Tripadvisor.

The Gallery Cafe is in the heart of Phuket Old Town and is extremely convenient if you are staying in Phuket Old Town in one of the many cheap places to stay.

I chose to visit here early in the morning and watch the traffic go by. The menu is quite extensive and has food as well, I was early in the morning and I did not want breakfast (there was the choice there) but I would have eaten a fresh cake but it was clear that I was too early and the cakes had not been delivered yet.

The seat was comfortable and the Free WiFi was an added bonus.

The coffee arrived swiftly and was strong and I felt that it needed some sugar. 

The decoration is really quite interesting - I did wonder what upstairs was like but I never did have a look? I watched the cars and the tourists walk by, it really is in quite a good spot here. 

Phone Number:  083 103 7000
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 19 Yaowarat Rd, T.Taladayai, Phuket Town
Hours: 8:00 - 22:00 (Sunday: 8:00 - 18:00)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

ทับทิมกรอบสลิ่ม - Thai Dessert in Phuket Town

Chuen asked me if I was interested in eating some Thai Desserts but when I tried to find out a description of what each desert was I was a little confused because there seemed to be no definitive guide - this was my favourite site and this was another site.

Jemma and I sat at the table and Cheun delivered our bowls of Thai sweets and I am still unsure of what I had BUT i know that I had the Mock Pomegranate here - but there was an enormous selection - hot and cold!

I have written 5 dishes that I saw there this evening

1) 'Red Ruby - Mock Pomegranate in Coconut milk' - delicious - called Tub Tim

2) 'Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti' - I love this and refer to it as 'Green Worms'.

3) 'Thai Mix Desert' - รวมมิตรน้ำกะทิ / Ruam Mit Nam Ka-Thik

This is just 4 dishes that we shared - there are a plethora of different dishes. As soon as I began to write this post I was taken with the amount of Thai Deserts which I had not eaten! Then it was clear the love of sugar that one must have to enjoy these deserts - I really don't think that it is healthy but there may be alternatives!?

My favourite dish of Bua Loy Nam King (Mochi Rice and Sesame Balls in ginger water - บัวลอยน้ำขิง) was not there though BUT I will need to go again.

There was also a boiling wok of bananas and coconut milk

I have since found that it is very popular place to visit in Phuket and the Thai staff told me that it was great - I then found it on a Thai Site (Open Rice).

Visit here if you visit Phuket, it is near the near the Phuket Old-Time Square and the Bus Terminal in Phuket Town, I believe that there is no 'actual' name for this place?