Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mamiya in Tesco.......

There is a Japanese restaurant in Tesco's where you cook your food 'Sukiyaki' in front of you in a pot of boiling water. We chose the high quality meat and waited with anticipation.

"Not up to much" was my comment to my beautiful wife Chuen -
"uninteresting and a hassle to cook". She loved it!

Well this restaurant was not going to be an interesting review - THEN it got worse.......

After a night of diarrhea that did not subside a visit to Phuket International Hospital was called for. Here I was taken into the side room and put on a standard drip with antibiotics. I had food poisoning - 10 hours on the drips and then I was allowed out. With another day in bed and and a number of drugs.....

I related this story to my friend Ling Yai of John Gray Sea Canoe and he told me that he had never stepped into a Japanese restaurant because of the Japanese approach to Whaling - I scoffed and then I found out.

Click here if you would like to know more or simply sign the petition.
Then CNN broadcast this

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