Friday, April 29, 2016

Cafe del Sol

Cafe Del Sol is a trendy new Cafe (coffee shop) in Phuket Old Town. I chose to have a cappuccino and a mango smoothie. Lovely cappuccino and served with the traditional breakfast nibbles (Tao Sor). This was wonderful.

Then it was time for the mango smoothie - delicious. 

We sat outside but there is the opportunity to sit inside - we liked watching the traffic drive past.

Inside the floor was a little more glamorous / cultural.

Then there were small macaroons to nibble.

We could also buy some Tao Sor to take home with us!

I hope that this place is still open the next time that I choose to go in - so many small Cafe's open in Phuket Town but don't last...

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Dibuk Road, Phuket Town

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Do you want some traditional Thai noodles?

Come here - everyone from the surrounding colleges does - i felt positively old when I was in here!!

Maybe that is the reason for the Free WiFi poster?

So if you want anything which i popular to the young Thai's taste and wallet then I suggest that you visit here... No Honey Toast here though.

It does win my best vote for the best something in Phuket though -  Iced Tea in Phuket though.

Anyway the service was quick and very happy (usually a good reflection on the quality of the food). Certainly worth taking the walk and search for...

Approximate Price:$$$$$

Friday, April 8, 2016

Gluay Nam Wa (Chao-Fa Rd)

To tell you the truth this is not my favourite choice...

BUT when I saw that there was a Happy Hour I was overjoyed 

AND I could choose two different coffees...

The atmosphere is very comfortable - with scattered toys seemingly all over the place. There is a great selection of coffees and it really is worth popping in if it is convenient...

Previous Visits 
 1) August 2014 - Chao Fa Rd
 2) June 2015 - Yaowarat Rd

Approximate Price: $$$$$


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Saturday, April 2, 2016

ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำ ชากังราว - Cha Kang Raw

ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำ ชากังราว was certainly a different noodle house that I was used to for when I usually visit one in Phuket.

This was clearly a noodle house aimed at the younger generation - look at the notice board.

It was not difficult to choose what to eat when we got the menu

- there was a great deal of choice. This may be a little detracting for people looking for 'authentic' and 'cultural' but we wanted some tasty noodles... 

Which is what we got!

There was the opportunity to try some Korean Ramen Noodles. So if you are looking at the noodles cooked in the old style and with some of the extras for the new generation - Free WiFi and Korean ice-cream then this is a good choice.

Loved finding these very common noodle bowls here... 

Phone Number:    
Approximate Price: $$$$$