Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gluay Nam Wa - (Yaowarat Rd)

Gluay Nam Wa (as I later found out) is actually a Thai restaurant chain! This visit was only whilst I was waiting for a friend and it was then I recognised it as a chain.

It is in three places (that I have been in Phuket); in front of the park, near the hospital and all of them have the monkey outside.

Well designer wise it is a pretty cool place - I did wonder whether they could use the cups above the cashiers or if they were stuck on?

Then there was the selection of macaroons - and here they were labelled (hint for other places).

Then there was the choice of music they had - who did this? Soundhound helped me out with a lot of the results.

Then there was the selection of cakes you could have - all looking eatable.

Then there was the door - have you seen this anywhere else?

Then there was free WiFi - WiFi Map - an App that I added the WiFi code to! There does seem to be an extensive menu as well!

Oh and the coffee was pretty good as well - it does need another visit.

Previous Visits 
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