Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baan Ra Tree

Baan Ra Tree was a new restaurant which was opened recently and is adjacent to the Cape Panwa Promenade. It was originally in Nai Yang, I believe and now I think that this one is now here at Cape Panwa - well that's what it looks like if I read TripAdvisor....

The ground is actually sand - which did make sitting in the chairs entertaining plus when you could sit and watch the traffic drive past - once settled it was not an issue. There was the opportunity to sit inside and with air conditioning if that was what you wanted - we stayed outside.

We took dinner very early (6pm) and it was very quiet - which meant that we were served swiftly. Well there was a very extensive menu to choose from and we took a long time trying to decide...

We had some Mango Salad - fresh and delicious.

Then there was the green vegetables in sauce - very tasty.

The steamed rice was served with a litte style and originality.

The duck curry was superb - nice pieces of duck!

Then there were prawns in a sweet and sour sauce - okay.

and Jemma had fish and chips - very good. (Follow me on twitter to find the best fish and chips in Phuket - - #fishandchipsinphuket)

Well that was certainly enough... so I went to take a photograph of the sunset.

Returning to the restaurant being lit up - we were still the only diners.

Then there was a plate of complimentary fruit for us and a teapot of green-tea - a vey nice gesture which I feel we should see more of the restaurants in Phuket. 

A very nice dinner - we shall certainly return.

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Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Cape Panwa Promenade
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