Friday, March 21, 2014

Closed restaurants and Closed coffee shops

Relax Coffee Shop
After another set of emails that the restaurant that the reader has visited because of a review I looked more carefully at places that I had been and arranged all the closed ones together.

Lemongrass Restaurant - rebuilding the area
Cafelicious - not my choice for coffee

Farang - I am surprised
Nang-Yaang - moved?
Mang Moom - building Mangrove Hotel
Au Bon Pain - Central re-development
Mamiya - i did not vist here more than once.

Gallery Cafe - moved
Santana - closed
Black Canyon - Tesco re-development
Siam Indigo - changed hands

Coffee Ice - new restaurant
Panwa Garden Spa - changed hands

Thai Naan has been knocked down

7th June

Sawasdee is closed for renovation

The Beach Bar is closed for low season 

La Romantica Pizzeria is closed

- more things will change...

20th July 2013

Point Bistro is closed 

20th June 2015

My Cafe - Coffee and Deserts is closed

17th October 2016

Sac's Bakery (best Strawberry Jam) is now a Spa & Massage


  1. Hi Tim, just an FYI... when you speak badly about a place or person in Thailand, they can sue you right quick. Be careful about reviews where you're telling the world someone or some business or product, service, sucks. Cheers!

    1. understood - change it to an opinion - i will not miss this?