Sunday, March 9, 2014

ทับทิมกรอบสลิ่ม - Thai Dessert in Phuket Town

Chuen asked me if I was interested in eating some Thai Desserts but when I tried to find out a description of what each desert was I was a little confused because there seemed to be no definitive guide - this was my favourite site and this was another site.

Jemma and I sat at the table and Cheun delivered our bowls of Thai sweets and I am still unsure of what I had BUT i know that I had the Mock Pomegranate here - but there was an enormous selection - hot and cold!

I have written 5 dishes that I saw there this evening

1) 'Red Ruby - Mock Pomegranate in Coconut milk' - delicious - called Tub Tim

2) 'Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti' - I love this and refer to it as 'Green Worms'.

3) 'Thai Mix Desert' - รวมมิตรน้ำกะทิ / Ruam Mit Nam Ka-Thik

This is just 4 dishes that we shared - there are a plethora of different dishes. As soon as I began to write this post I was taken with the amount of Thai Deserts which I had not eaten! Then it was clear the love of sugar that one must have to enjoy these deserts - I really don't think that it is healthy but there may be alternatives!?

My favourite dish of Bua Loy Nam King (Mochi Rice and Sesame Balls in ginger water - บัวลอยน้ำขิง) was not there though BUT I will need to go again.

There was also a boiling wok of bananas and coconut milk

I have since found that it is very popular place to visit in Phuket and the Thai staff told me that it was great - I then found it on a Thai Site (Open Rice).

Visit here if you visit Phuket, it is near the near the Phuket Old-Time Square and the Bus Terminal in Phuket Town, I believe that there is no 'actual' name for this place?