Friday, December 12, 2014

Sweets 'n Treats Coffee

Sweets 'n Treats Coffee seems to be a relatively new coffee shop - seems to have been opened approximately a year. It looks like it is a family business, it is small, approximately 4 tables at the front and 4 inside.

The feeling is quite serene and I first visited here after I had finished my walk

The air conditioning was a welcome to a hot person - the iced coffee was a wonder it hit the right spot!

So much so that I stayed a little longer - I wondered about the cakes (because their Iced Coffee was not sweet) but thought that I should not.

The decoration was (to me) very English the metal Kit Kat box was what first caught my eye.

Then the Yorkshire breakfast tea.

Then the Twinnings.

Fantastic location and will be back again.

I do wish that they had been proper doilies though...