Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live India

Indian food is not a food that I eat so I have asked Helen, a friend of mine who lives in Phuket to tell you about it and take some photographs.

Set in Panwa Bay near the Aquarium, just on the hill up to Cape Panwa. Always a warm welcome from Anita and Abi (Avi?). We are regulars so they know exactly what we like and what we don't. This time Anita had even tracked me down some mango chutney as they don't usually serve it and I have been known to take my own!
The new decor makes it look like one restaurant now instead of the 2 shops knocked into one (which it was). Apparently they are waiting for some Indian paintings or artifacts to put on the wall next time one of them goes to India.

The food as always is excellent. The quality is always consistant and the flavour is a genuine Indian, not a British Indian like you'd find in any supermarket back in the UK. We had chicken Vindaloo (a change from Madras or Bhuna which are the 2 other favourites) for 180 bht, Malai Kofta (180), the very best freshly cooked and piping hot Peswari Naan and chapati's ever, rice, beer. 

More than you can eat for under 600bht- excellent value and freshly cooked. Relax and be prepared to wait if it is busy, they do it all themselves on what is probably one jet! Worth it though.
The other nice thing I notice is that the staff aren't pushy, they let the customers stand and look at the menu without rushing to drag them in off the street like a lot of touristy restaraunts do.
All in all, 10/10 for quality of food, 10/10 for value, 10/10 for service (unless you are an impatient person who would prefer microwave food!).

Thanks Helen - if you need me to make you some mango chutney then please ask me and I will make you some x


  1. Made me hungry reading this!

  2. The Indian family who made the food so great here have now left and are opening their own place just 1/2 km away. It will be called "curry Night Indian Restaraunt"due to open mid April, opposite The Radisson Hotel. It's the food we liked so we will be moving with them..... more reports and phot's to follow.

  3. thank you - i will keep my eyes and ears on.....