Saturday, December 7, 2013

Palai Seafood (or Parlai)

We like to go out for dinner and we like to choose different restaurants and a popular one in the South Phuket area is Palai Seafood.

You are able to walk along a long promenade adjacent to this restaurant and many other similar restaurants - Palai Seafood is very this because there is a car park adjacent to it - we walked along the entire promenade and return back to the beginning!

The set up for Parlai Seafood is similar to almost every fish serving restaurant in Phuket - there are tanks close by to the kitchen where you are able to choose your crab and / or fish and it can be this specifically that you eat.

I do not see much advantage of this but Jemma does find it entertaining walking around them - especially when the crabs move.

This was a selection of dishes which we had and the food was good and it was not expensive. 

The deep-fried fish was quite obviously fresh because it was crispy and the fish did not fall apart - as it would have done if it was deep frosted.

The Song Tam was great and there was just the right balance for us all - although we did ask for more lime juice with ours because my wife does enjoy it with a sour taste AND a kick.

The salads were also freshly prepared - very nice. I think that the only thing that stays in my mind was that the service was not particularly good. I think that we were the only small group there at this time and the staff seemed to be busy enough with what they had already.

We would certainly visit there again and I was a little surprised that there was so much little information about this restaurant on the Internet but it is mentioned in this list from PhuketSerenity - amongst others - Asia Web Direct and is usually busy.

Phone Number:   
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Palai Beach is rather easy to find. Coming from Chao Fah East, turn onto Pa Lai Road, it is easy to find because it’s the same road as Phuket Zoo. Follow the road all the way down, Phuket Zoo will be on your right. When the road comes to an end, you are at the beach.
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