Saturday, April 22, 2017

Khanohm jeen - ขนมจีน

Khanohm Jeen - ขนมจีน - this is a very popular dish for breakfast. I understand that it has it's origins in Northern Thailand - Wikipedia has a comprehensive outline!

There are two types of khanom chin noodles:
  • Khanom chin noodles made with fermented flour, usually made in the northeast. The brown noodle is stickier than fresh flour and can keep for a long time. This is the ancient method of khanom chin making.
  • Khanom chin noodle made with fresh flour. The noodles are bigger than fermented flour and softer too. Khanom chin noodle is white and easy to make - this is what I had.

When khanom chin is served, stock is added. Each locality has a different stock such as coconut stock, fish, curry sauce, chili sauce, and curry with coconut milk such as green curry, spicy pork sauce, and fish organ sour soup. Moreover, for children there is also a sweet stock without spices combined with nuts.

Kanom chin is eaten with fresh vegetables and pickles as condiments. In the north, pickled cabbage and raw sprouts are typical. In the central region, banana blossoms, lentils, cucumbers, sprouts, raw papaya, basil, guto kola, bitter melon, and morning glory. 

Another condiment is half-boiled egg and roasted peppers. In the northeast, fresh vegetables such as white popinac, climbing wattle, and parsley. In the south, fresh vegetables such as parkia, white popinac, olives, and pickles.

We had this breakfast in a small restaurant by the side of the road and it was a wonderful experience - there are a number of places in Phuket but the local places would be the place that I would suggest visiting.

 Then more info from Lost Boy. Phuket101 also indicate that it is definitely a dish to try. Looking this up I found that it is included on a trip in Phuket.

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