Friday, July 10, 2015

ร้านหมี่น้ำกุ้ง อ่าวเก ถ.พูนผล

We have visited ร้านหมี่น้ำกุ้ง อ่าวเก ถ.พูนผล a number of times since then but my first visit was part of the TAT Chinese Temple Tour.

Well it certainly was a popular location for lunch - it was packed!

The cooks were very busy and I should no longer be surprised that the food is always distributed correctly.

The noodles that I chose were the Seafood Noodles - and they were delicious always with some of the extra chilli - we have visited there a number of times now. 

Certainly a place to visit for Thai Traditional Noodles.

I would take someone with you who can speak and / or read Thai to help you make an order - there were menus on the wall though or a Thai Food Talking App.


Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Phun Phon Road
Hours: 11:00 - 16:30

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