Friday, October 11, 2013

โชคชัยติ่มซำ (Chockchai Dim Sum)

Well this was certainly a pleasant change! No tea and toast this morning but Dim Sum.

The key to my success here was that I had no idea what I was choosing, it didn't matter and it was a nice day!

This is one of the most popular Dim Sum Restaurants (apparently) in Phuket Town - well it was busy I can vouch for that.

Dim Sum is a different way of eating and it is best to have someone (for me my wife Chuen makes all the choices) who know what they are doing - first time?

The staff will show you a tray of an enormous variety of little choices of food (see photo above) and you simply choose from this selection. If you do not know what you are choosing then this is where it is difficult because some of the oddest ones are the greatest! For example the green stringy thing is fantastic but I do not want to know what it is!

The selective small trays are chosen and then it's time for breakfast! At โชคชัยติ่มซำ I also know that they have a selection of Thai dishes as well - so we had a mixture.

I could not eat everything that I chose however (see above) - but that is half the fun - it is not expensive!

As we finished I then remarked that they could also do cappuccino! - this seems to be a growing trend now!!!!!

We left and we would return - on looking up โชคชัยติ่มซำ on the computer I was a little surprised at how it was represented on Foursquare - Visitors: 837 and Check in: 1,634.


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Phone Number:  076 234 491

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