Wednesday, February 22, 2017

บะหมี่แป๊ะเถว - Pae Teaw Noodle House

Looking for a place to eat noodles which are prepared for the local people? Then look no further than here for that original taste! This is great if you are looking for something authentic.

They make the noodles adjacent to the restaurant and they were not making any the day that we went - but possibly another time.

The noodles and your dish was made for you whilst you waited. Wow - this was certainly fresh and I could not get enough.

Whilst we waited we had the nibbles on the table and some Iced Tea...

We have been again.  


Phone Number: 089 826 7899
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Junction Dibuk + Satun Rd, Phuket Old Town
Hours: 10:30 - 17:30