Thursday, February 16, 2017

Guey Teo Tom Yan

Guey Teo Tom Yan is a small noodle shop which sprung up swiftly and was certainly a place where we went  to get our lunch - but the next week was not there BUT a month later it was closed, but last week it was there again.

I was told that the Chef usually cooks in Bangkok but like to come to Phuket - which would explain why it is not always open. I hope that it stays there this time!

This is certainly a local Thai restaurant - there was no menu at all and there were some dishes prepared for you to choose from.

Another indicator that it is for the local people is that they do not waste their time taking the prawns apart - in fact this does mean that there is more flavor (but not for everyone).

And that's what these bowls are - full of flavor!

You must also try the iced coffee though - it was delicious...

I did wonder about the choice of paintings on the wall though...

Of course there was some shaved ice to have after the noodles...