Friday, June 3, 2016

เบรคแตก (Brake Taek)

This noodle shop was certainly popular with the local people. It was a great place to visit for lunch.

Immediately I was taken with the fact that the noodles were explained on a card and it made it very easy to choose which one I wanted. The noodles were certainly fresh though and extremely tasty.

Then don't forget to get the crunchy starters...

The restaurant was extremely simple and was where you wanted to go if you wanted to experience the way that the locals choose their noodles.

Be careful with your choice of noodle dish though - there is this chilli mixture in the noodle dish. Not exactly sure what it actually is but it surely is delicious. BUT mix it in carefully...

Then there is the standard mixing agents on the table instead - fish sauce, sugar, fresh chilli and dried chilli.

Funny to think what 'Health and Safety would say about them drying the chopsticks!

The management of all the demands looked wonderful - in the days of all this technology it is wonderful to see people not use them... 

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