Thursday, June 9, 2016

ซินซิน บะหมี่เบตง

This was a restaurant I got taken to because it purpotedly has the best deep fried pork - and Chuen was right - it is. The lady uncharge was wonderful - we felt invited and felt that we were more than just a customer.

The traditional noodle shop is one of the more restaurants which actually make the noodles fresh and on the premises. 

I cannot recall the menus - they were not on the wall this time but were simple laminated fliers given to us when we sat down. Of course I asked for their Iced Tea - which was certainly refreshing - i think what helps is that the 

This was a wonderful example of a place to go for lunch...

Well the noodles were created for us whilst we waited and they were certainly wonderful. The rice was served separately from the meat, soup and the garlic with chilli.

You could certainly make it spicy if you wanted to!

However I had the spicy pork served all together. We will certainly go back here again!
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Yaowarat 3 Rd, Phuket Town (see map below or click the logo)
Hours: 8am - 8pm