Monday, December 17, 2012

Chern Cha Tea Room

After taking Jemma to school I like to be dropped off on the outskirts of Phuket Town and then I i like to wander down the street.

Okay I do have some favourite places to drop into for their specific drinks - cappuccino, coffee, bubble tea, cafe latte and more. Here is the best Cafe Latte that I have found so far.

The Chern Cha Tea room is part of the Sino Inn Hotel (as mentioned in the previous post) and is managed by them - which means that you can pop into the toilet next door.

The staff are very friendly, as usual in Thailand, but I like to remind the reader and it is nice to be recognised when I enter. The tea room is more than this but it is also a shop selling a variety of different items, all linked to Asia - paintings, paint brushes, kimono, bags and more.

Then there is the coffee - the cafe latte is superb - the flavour, balance and view is immaculate - at the moment (25 Nov) the best in Phuket which I have tasted.

Then you have the opportunity to sit outside and watch the traffic speed pass - sometimes this can be very entertaining. My favourite was of the man on the motorbike whilst it was raining - he had an umbrella up but he was driving into the rain?

Always a pleasure to drink coffee here - not tried the accommodation next door (Sino Inn) or the food, maybe on another day?

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