Sunday, March 27, 2016

T Origin and Pang Hom Chui

T Origin and Pang Hom Chui are Thai companies which have recently sprung up around Phuket. This outlet was opposite Bangkok Hospital.

It seems to be a type of Roadside Cafe selling Thai pastries with a Western Twist - always in for a new place whilst my wife was at the hairdressers I tried something...

This was a small coffee shop bar with two seats - this was T Origin.

Outside of here they were deep frying bits that people were having for breakfast and there was certainly a steady stream of people for these bits - this was Pang Hom Chui.

There was not a lot more than I could see to indicate whether they served anything more but what I had then perfectly fitted someone who needed a small nibble.  I had some waffles and and Iced Tea - just enough for someone wandering in Phuket Town.

After visiting this outlet and on posting this I saw that there were 8 more outlets to visit.


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