Wednesday, April 29, 2015

360 Degree Coffee - Andaman Viewpoint

360 Degree Coffee - Andaman Viewpoint is a place which we have wanted to visit -Jamie had previously visited so it was our turn. Okay it is not strictly in Phuket but we do travel over the Sarasin Bridge and it is only 20 minutes from there.

We found that it was also incredibly 'unknown' about on the Internet which was probably because there is another restaurant in Phuket with the same name! But this did mean we got there and it was predominantly Thai people!

The crane was not there to take you up for a better view BUT these was a small water park - so be aware if you bring a small one and they see this they will want to get wet!!!

So how was the food? A plate of simple fried rice was great and very reasonable - in fact the Thai food was very good value. I chose next to have a cake (i like cakes and chocolate and all sweet things) and it did not satisfy my urge - so I had an Thai iced coffee.

Meanwhile my daughter discover a water play area - which we were not prepared for.

Then there was a big swing - which we were able to use.

As we wandered about there was ATV, a Hanging Basket (out of service when we visited) and a shooting range.

All in all a good location and we would go back but stick to the Thai food and take our swimming outfits.