Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Phuket Old-Time Square

I feel a little odd writing this review because this was an opening night - but would I try it again - (but will it be there again because I see nothing more?) - yes - as my friend Willy indicated on his list of things to remember about visiting a restaurant - always try twice - so we will be returning.

The atmosphere was busy and we were greeted by women dressed in the Traditional dress of Phuket Old Town - Baba style.

On entering my daughter was immediately drawn towards the dancing which was going on in the corner - children dancing to Thai music has always been an attraction - whilst my wife purchased the food.

On swapping roles i was given a plate of satay and my wife had a traditional Thai dish.

It was then my turn and I immediately found that the square was like a traditional forecourt with food served around the edges.

In the middle was a small shop selling a collection of different items - but I was on a mission for food so I left swiftly. It was as I left that I noticed something which was also traditional - coupons. In the centre of the forecourt was a small booth with a multitude of different tickets - fabulous job here because I was confused with just mine. 

Above this shop and booth was a bar selling alcohol and a view of the aforementioned stage.

I left to search for the chicken nuggets that Jemma had requested - which were promptly cooked and were taken to Jemma. 

I left again to find another dish and was stuck with a choice but I chose Thai.

We left whilst the dancing continued and I was happy to find that there was a Traditional Thai Desert stand close to where we parked our car - ร้านขนมหวาน - but that's another story / post.

Phone Number:  +66 92 265 0877
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: Phuket Town - next to Old Bus station
Hours: 17:30 - 23:00