Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have previously written a post about Insects (Bugs on the Streets) BUT this time I wanted to take photographs carefully.

We were visiting the Phuket Weekend Market and here they have a plethora of different foods available which are always worth a try BUT I will write about this later.

The street foods can be found on the right hand side of the market (if you are looking at it whilst standing in front of Wat Naka).

There was a lady standing behind the small stall and she had a 'collection' box for people taking photographs. I deposited the money and watched.

The lady collected the insects from the piles.

She then sprayed something on them?

Then she cooked them a little (see left at back of pic), squirted something on them? and I ate the one that you can see above. 

Well not ate because although it was initially soft one of the legs was stuck between my teeth and this was after the crunch - I think that next time I will only choose the soft ones?

Have a look at Willy's Phuket 101 site for a description of how they do taste...

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