Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kong Kang (Crystal Wild Resort)

Kong Kang is a restaurant in the new hotel which was opened only a month ago - Crystal Wild ResortThe restaurant was very quiet (there was only one other table) which meant that there was very little atmosphere.

The menu was large enough for all of us, well there was a pizza for our daughter so that got the thumbs up. But like many other restaurants in Phuket the pizza was made from pre-packaged base and was inadequately defrosted and then cooked - the restaurant needs to be busy though. Re-cooked it passed my daughter's examination.

The Thai food was very nicely presented.

Then the rest of the dishes  matched the first ones. 

The chicken in pandanus leaves was very nice but a little oily - never mind for me and he mess that I made.

Not sure about the coffee - I think that the restaurant needs to be opened regularly a while before the quality of the coffee. We will go back though - good luck

Phone Number:  076 315 293
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 39//65 Ao Yon-Khao Khad Road
Hours: 6pm - 11pm (dinner)