Friday, November 21, 2014

Tangkae Seafood

Tangkae Seafood is one of a number of seafood restaurants along this strip in Chalong

We chose here because we had walked past but not been here before.

The welcome was swift and the seating was ordinary plastic seating and as we sat down we realised that the tables were still dirty from the previous occupants.

It was swiftly sorted and we sat down with our bottle of wine chilling as we did - fabulous recovery!

Not sure whether there were any other menus in any other languages because we never looked, my lovely wife ordered for us all! (Hint: take a Thai speaker out for dinner it helps enormously).

The Tom Yam Goog arrived and it was a heavy red style and it blew my socks off - delicious but glad there was beer on ice ready. 

Then the fish came and the curry sauce (I think) was delicious - Cheers!

Then the prawns in Tamarind!

We could not have asked for more - thank you.

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 36 Moo 3, Soi Parlai, Chaofa Rd, Chalong
Hours: 11am - 11pm