Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Janjira Dim Sum - จนทรจรา ตมซำ (closed)

Janjira Dim Sum is a most unremarkable restaurant on the side of the main road (Tesco, Central Festival, BigC and next to Index).

This meant that it was a wonderful place to stop and was I happily surprised when I went in - I have subsequently visited here again and written a post on the Cape Panwa Blog  regarding the 6 best Dim Sum restaurants in Phuket (the map is at the bottom).

It is always a good indicator when the restaurant has a continual flow of local residents and this is certainly one of them.

When I sat down I was immediately approached by a waitress who asked me (in English) if I wanted a drink - 'Cha Yen' (iced tea) was immediately ordered.

Within two minutes I was approached by another member of staff who presented me with (what was clearly) a hot tray of an assortment of different Dim Sum. This is where one could immediately feel  worried - what is everything? This I have got no idea. Then I was presented with the most wonderful Chinese tea - so wonderful that this is my Chinese Green Tea to compare all other Dim Sum restaurants to!

But the beauty was that they were not expensive! I think that when I actually visited the cappuccino across the road was more expensive than my dim sum breakfastAfter watching for a while I was also aware that it did not only serve Dim Sum but also traditional Thai food.

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Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Chaleamprakieat Rd.,Muang (adjacent to Index)
Hours: 5:00 - 14:00