Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gotum - coffee (closed)

This coffee shopped seemed to be there in almost a month - but I suppose looking at the half plastered wall...

There does seem to be a trend at the moment to keep the old style and if it isn't there them reinvent it!

Gotum seems also to serve Thai food but I was not here for that.

I smiled when I sat adjacent to a table which was actually a sewing table previously and I immediately thought of Natural Restaurant in Phuket Old Town - is this a trend or is there a great amount of these tables somewhere?

The coffee itself was Traditional Thai Coffee - very pleasant but was a little bitter for my tastes - but this was immediately rectified by some sugar. It was very quiet - was I too early again?

The decor was clearly well thought out but there did were no other customers whilst I was there. It was only until later that I realised that you were able to rent a room above - not sure what that is like though - book here.

One website described it as a Bohemian Art House - not quite sure about that?

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