Thursday, January 4, 2018


ครัวแสงดาวเสือ is a local restaurant that we were recently taken to. This is certainly somewhere different!

The restaurant is next to a main road and an enormous lake - so I have to say that it is in not the most scenic place to be AND you really need to know where to park because it seemed to me that we were parking on the main road.

Once this was done then I was introduced to the restaurant - this was certainly different - we were on a fixed (I think) pontoon on an enormous lake. Then came the clincher - the lake was full of enormous catfish - and you could buy the cheap loaves of bread from the staff at the front (think that it was 10 Baht each).

Then it was time for the food to eat...

Well after the beers were served.

As with many Thai restaurants the menu was not in English and I was a little lost so I just (as always) let the lovely people that I am with order the dishes.

I have little ideas what they are....

A restaurant that we certainly returned to.


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