Friday, October 6, 2017

Coffee by Fah

Coffee by Fah was a wonderful find in the chaos of a Sunday morning market near Bangkapi. We had gone for our healthy walk around the Nawaminphirom Park (Bueng Lam Phang Phuai). I chose to sit here whilst the family went to explore the market and I was in need of a coffee - so I ducked into a 'quaint pink Cafe'.

I was welcomed and sat down for an iced coffee - it was very strong. 

Then it all got a bit out of hand and everything that I saw being delivered to all the customers around me looked so good - so I waited for my family to come and then we started ticking the boxes on the sheets 

and moved to sit outside.

And the happiness kept on coming... the traditional Thai breakfast was very nice.

And we brought in a some food from the market outside as well.

BUT the winner had to be the drinks - my daughter found the red soda wonderful

and I found the 'Cha Yen' - Thai Iced Tea.

The complimentary Chinese tea was a good idea as well. We would certainly pop in for a drink if we went to the busy market again.

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