Saturday, August 5, 2017

Siangkaen - ร้านส้มตำ เสียงแคน

Siangkaen - ร้านส้มตำ เสียงแคน is a restaurant which is not always the easiest to find but it certainly is worth looking out for if you are looking for some Som Tam.

I do not know how many different versions of Som Tum that they actually have but there is a great amount to choose from - my wife has the version with the small crab in and goodness knows what else - but that's not for me.

We ordered our dishes and then watched some of them being prepared - it was certainly a very bust restaurant for lunch.

I had a different version - certainly spicy though.

The yum pla dook fu (crispy catfish salad) was a Thai salad which was wonderful and certainly freshly made.

Then the pork with the Kaffir lime leaves as also wonderful.

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 1) October 2015