Sunday, May 7, 2017

Food Court - Vanit Place

A food court is not always something which is for everybody. The first thing to remember is that to purchase the dishes you must first get a 'card'. This is something which is common in Thailand and seems obvious once you have done to once.

Give some money (I usually give 100 Baht) to them and they will return a card with the 100 Baht 'loaded on it'. Now choose the dish which you would like.

Then take the dish and give the card to them and they will debit the money from the card. BUT don't forget to give the card back when you leave - they will return whatever money is left.

So how do you choose?

If I have never been before I usually find the place with the biggest queue.

I usually have the Som Tam because they make it whilst you wait and I can ask for it to be 'may pet' - not hot.

It was a great lunch and I have been again.

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