Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kanemochii Ice cream - Limelight

Kanemochii is an ice cream company which I had not heard of before but I keep seeing more and more - there are a number of them throughout Thailand.

This particular one was in the 'Limelight Shopping Mall'. So what's the difference with this ice cream and the plethora of other ice cream shops? Kanemochii is different and this is best explained by them...

"Kanemochi is a dessert/ice-cream brand famous for Japanese mochi with premium grade ice-cream filling (specific name in Japanese is ice-cream daifuku). The dessert usually goes by with a popular name of mochi ice-cream. The word “Kanemochi” in Japanese means “rich” and the confection’s predecessor “Daifuku” means “extremely lucky”. Hence, we use this word as our brand hoping that all our customers will be happy, lucky and wealthy, just like how Japanese people traditionally eat daifukus for important events, believing that it will bring them good fortune."

So the ice cream certainly tastes a little different than I was used to eating and this is why I never went back - for me this was not a choice for me personally BUT there were people sitting in the restaurant adjacent to it.

So what choices were there?

milk / vanilla / mocha chip / chocolate /green tea / strawberry melon / Korean banana milk / peach / blueberry / tropical lime / milky tea / choco vanilla / yoghurt / cookie + cream / taro / milky red bean / mint choc chip / jasmine.

So I guess that you will be able to find something that you would like? When I looked more I also found that there were dishes to have.


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