Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sac's Boulangerie Patisserie (closed)

Sacs is a place that we have visited a number of times for breakfast and it does have the best strawberry jam in Phuket.

The location is certainly not for everyone - on the side of the road and next to a local vet. BUT there is ample room to park at the front?

The breakfast was again super - there has never been many people here when we have gone and I think that this helps the fact that there is so little wait. They even changed the set up for my daughter to have French Fries and more bacon for breakfast... It is a traditionally Western menu but I have to say I keep forgetting to read it thoroughly because we always only ask for the breakfast menu - next time...

The fruit juice always comes first, then the coffee and the plate for breakfast...
Then there was the ice cream for breakfast!

What can I add?

It now has a small 'fruit bar' at the front of it but we have never partaken of this - maybe another time? They also sell bread and there is a menu but we have only ever gone for breakfast - another time?

Approximate Price: $$$$$

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