Sunday, February 14, 2016

Abdul's roti and more

Abdul is a local restaurant and it serves predominantly the local music community and as Phuket is actually 30% Muslim there are a number of these small restaurants. Thalang Road as a wonderful mixture of the different communities and this is why every time I visit Phuket Old Town there is something else to find.

At the front there is usually someone preparing food - rolls of prepared dough are all ready.

One by one they are rolled and pushed repeatedly. Then when they are ready they are spun into enormous discs - very clever...

Then the favourite of mine - the Roti - folded egg mixture, condensed milk added then the slices of banana added and cooked for a little more - my daughter's favourite.

Then there is the chicken masaman curry - tasty and certainly popular with the local community.

This curry is served with a savoury roti though - called 'apong'.

I love to go to watch the show that is put on for the passerby - certainly a place to visit if you are in Phuket Town. Here are photographs of my friend Jamie's visit.

Previous Visits
 1) July 2010

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