Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moon House Restaurant (Munchhausen)

Moon House Restaurant was somewhere on the way home from work and we did visit it a number of times because of the ease of getting there. The location close to the road would not suit everyone and there was not a lot more to see the other way!

But we were not there for the view or the comfort - we were there for a pizza - with extra cheese.

I had the Schnitzel.

There seemed to be a great deal of attention placed to this one person on the wall - we think that she is the owner?

Looking at the images on foursquare there may also be Japanese food here for sale and Thai food but we have never come here for anything else. Odd that there had been no reviews on TripAdvisor for 2 years...

A quick stop for a bite to eat would be the best way that I would describe it. 


Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Makham Bay, Cape Panwa
Hours: 8am - midnight